Questions as you write your spiritual journey

“A spiritual autobiography focuses less on the people, events and experiences of a person’s life and more on what these people, events and experiences meant for him/her and how they formed him/her or shaped the course of his life. It allows the writer to communicate who she or he is as a person and what is important in her or his life.”  —Jesuit brother Charles J. Jackson

Here are two dozen queries to spark you as you write your spiritual journey.

  1. How did you perceive God or the sacred when you were a child?
  2. Who first helped shape your view of the Divine?
  3. Does your name have a meaning or story attached to it?
  4. Have you been influenced by a variety of spiritual traditions or were you brought up in a single faith?
  5. Who have been the important spiritual role models in your life? Who are your saints, holy people, spiritual mentors today?
  6. What authors have influenced you the most, and what do you read for spiritual nurture?
  7. How has your faith changed or grown?
  8. How have you learned to incorporate discipline and accountability in to your life, for example your finances, education, professional work, and physical health?
  9. What spiritual practices shape your spiritual life today, and how do you connect with others in these disciplines?
  10. If married or partnered, how would you characterize the spiritual relationship you have, including shared spiritual practices?
  11. What spiritual resources do you need now?
  12. Where do you think you are heading in your faith and practice?
  13. Draw or describe a metaphor for your spiritual journey. For example, some people imagine life as a ship sailing across uncharted waters, and their faith, values, and beliefs as the wind in the sails. Others imagine it as a spiral of experiences and realizations, as a journey over mountains and valleys, or as a river.
  14. What scriptures or other books did your family regard as holy? How seriously were the teachings in them taken?
  15. Did your family observe any religious rituals? How were those rituals related to their beliefs?
  16. Have there been times when you felt the presence of the sacred outside your place of worship, when there were no priests, pastors, rabbis, or other teachers around?  What was that experience like?
  17. When have you experienced awe or wonder? Where were you, and what happened?
  18. What holy days do you celebrate?
  19. Are your spiritual beliefs or values relevant to what you wear, what you do, who you are friends with, how you educate your children, how you relate to the earth, animals, plants, water?
  20. Do seemingly random events of your life seem to reveal interconnectedness?
  21. Call to mind the significant turning points in your life; what are they?
  22. What are the most significant decisions you have made?
  23. What are the most intense struggles and conflicts, successes and failures you have experienced?
  24. Have you ever felt or experienced a sense of being “called” to do something?

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