It’s About Time! Now on YouTube

I’m thrilled that my SXSW Interactive 2011 talk is finally up on YouTube! Now you can listen to my talk in the comfort of your home.




Thanks to Keegan Atkin for an awesome editing job!

We plan to get it up on Slideshare soon, too.

2 thoughts on “It’s About Time! Now on YouTube

  1. In his book, Bursts, A.L. Barabasi forces us to re-imagine time. It is not made of regular intervals; that is to say, people do not ‘do things’ at regular intervals. Instead, people do lots of things in short bursts of time, and then go for long durations doing nothing at all. Our use of/working with social computational dynamics is forcing us to fine-tune the resolution of our time structures, revealing something akin to Einsteinian space. Some kind of strange gravity draws near to it (timewise) the bulk of our activities.

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