Am I still me?

Yes. Definitely.

However, in a new geographic and psychic location.

The physical geography, I am sure of: Vashon Island, Cascadia, Gaia. Looking out on Mount Rainier, a massive stratovolcano about 50 miles away. 14, 411 feet high. Considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

I live on a sweet rock along with twelve thousand music loving souls, in relative rural harmony, plus some chickens, goats, Jersey cows, horses and donkeys.

Many deer. Escaped mink.

Dozens of colors of rhododendrons.

In terms of my new inner location, I am exploring.

Il faut être absolument moderne. One must be absolutely modern.

Wildness is a preoccupation. Volcanic wildness.

Why am I here now?

So I can sit at the Red Bicycle and blog?

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