Types of social learning network interactions

Right now I’m working on a portal for knowledge management for our Orbitz Worldwide Agile process.  I have been searching for the best ways of slicing and dicing learning interactions, which of course can be named, ranked and classified in many ways.


Teemu Arina

I am exploring a taxonomy developed by Teemu Arina, who divides socially networked learning interactions into two types, horizontal and vertical:

  • horizontal interactions includes:
    • peer production
    • sharing narratives
    • cooperative problem solving
    • social navigation
    • social networking
  • vertical interactions include:
    • help desk
    • support
    • training
    • intranet
    • documentation
    • best practices database

In our Agile environment, we have plenty of horizontal interactions of the nature of peer production, sharing of narratives and cooperative problem solving, although the software tools we use for these interactions can be a little wonky. However there is not much social navigation or social networking. I hope that our upcoming wiki upgrade will encourage Twitter- and Facebook-like interactions, as well as blogging.

It’s the vertical interactions where I am focusing my energy right now, to formalize some of these, see how they can fit into the tools and systems we have, or if we need to provide new tools and systems, and provide navigation structures that help people with these vertical interactions.

By the way, Teemu Arina is a fascinating Finnish speaker, writer and entrepreneur, who focuses on the future of social technologies in management, knowledge work and learning.

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